Managing The Web Design Team-Gears And Ways

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If you want optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the web design team you need to manage perfectly the team members as well the resources....

Now some of the gears and ways used commonly to achieve this objective are as follows.
Pareto Principle:

The Pareto principle is also known as 80/20 rule. According to this principle the credit of 80 percent of the outcome goes to just 20 percent contribution or effort put in by the doer. This principle helps the team leader or manager to remain focused on few specific stages of the tasks.

Setting of Goals:

When specific goals of the web design team are ascertained beforehand it helps the management to closely monitor the situation. Goal setting helps the person to remain focused.

DISC behavioral profile:

The DISC behavioral profile is one of the famous and effective gears for better management of the web design team. The working style of the team members differ. This tool first needs the user to identify the strengths and the challenges of the team member. This helps in building relationship among the team members and between the management and the team members. It is now accepted by most of the web designers that the effectiveness of the team depends on the relationship among the team members.
D relates to problems, I relates to people, S relates to pace and C relates to procedures. A person with high D is very authoritarian and focused.  On the other hand a person with low D usually makes decision on the basis of consensus and tries to avoid conflict as much as possible. A person with high S and high C adheres to the conventional way of doing things through ways that have been tried earlier and proved to be successful. When a person with high D teams up with a person high on both S and C the high quality of the work can be checked by the person with high S and C.

In case of effective web design team management, review plays a very critical role in the out put of the web design team. Reviews are a way to know where the web design needs improvement. At time having only a single review or appraisal in a year is just not enough.  It is better to address the issues as soon as they are identified. Delayed action despite time review can adversely affect the productivity of the web design team.
The reviews help to have a better knowledge about the performance or out put of every member on the team.
Praises / Accolades:

The team member should be acknowledged for achieving feats that others may not even thought of. Praises and accolades work wonders to enhance the productivity of the team members.

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