Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria for Symfony Development

Symfony development uses a PHP framework designed to aid in the construction of complex websites in a faster environment. This helps to decrease time spent in development and to increase productivity and functionality in developed websites. Compared to using PHP alone, there are different components and tools that can be used to make development less complex and easier to integrate different components of the website.

We evaluate Symfony development agencies based on our rigorous evaluation criteria. We take important aspects of development to compare different companies that we rank to better rank and recommend.

First, web development agencies are evaluated on their ability to develop at a comfortable speed that combines quality and the ability to provide the finished work in a short amount of time.  How efficient is the work being completed? How is the level of quality affected by the speed of work?

Next we assess the ability of the vendor to integrate existing code into development to aid in expanding or upgrading an existing application. We review each vendor on how quickly and effectively they are able to understand written code and adapt to create new code.

Browser compatibility, the third component of our evaluation, focuses on the vendor’s ability to produce code that is able to be accessed from a variety of different browsers and platforms in order to ensure the largest number of users able to access the application.

Our fourth criterion reviews the vendor’s focus on keeping up to date with the latest updates on the framework and different features and tools used in development.

Finally, we evaluate each vendor’s customer support. Is the agency able to resolve issues with customers on a timely manner ranging from billing issues to problems with the code created?

General Queries:

  • What type of needs analysis was conducted before work initiated?
  • What type of a ROI were you anticipating, what was achieved and in what time frame?
  • What would be 3 things you would change about your experience?
  • What was your total investment?
  • Rate your overall experience (1-10; 10 being the highest).

Project Specific Queries:

  • What form of planning and strategy was undertaken by the agency before they started on your project?
  • How much guidance did the web development company provide during the planning stages?
  • How long did it take for your website to reach final completion?
  • Did the web development company provide an analysis of features and make suggestions for improvements?
  • Did the web development company assist with implementation or hosting for the project? 


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